Admission step by step

Applicable only for the on-site and hybrid formats


1- Create an account in our Online Admission System HERE

2- Fill in the Personal Profile form in your account:

3- Fill in the Application form

Application documents:

- Scanned copy of international passport (for non-EU citizens passport should be valid for more than 18 months after the program beginning)

- Your JPEG photo 3*4 cm


Wait for an initial confirmation from your program coordinators. The dormitory will be booked as soon as you are accepted to the course (in case there are available rooms left yet)

Step #3

Wait for an e-mail with acceptance information further instructions and a PDF-file of the contract to sign. It takes up to 3 weeks since the previous step. Most of the EU-citizens will receive their university Letters of Invitation already on this stage, nationals of other countries will receive another type of an invitation 3-5 weeks later).

Step #4

Sign the contract and send it back to the coordinators via e-mail. Choose the preferable method of payment (If you have NOT been nominated for a full scholarship)

Step #5

Book your lights (or train tickets) and fill in the “Housing and Arrival” form

Step #6

Fill in the “Registration for Excursions and Events” online form

Step #7

Pay the program tuition fee according to the payment method you had chosen before (if you have NOT been nominated for a full scholarship)

Step #8

Wait for an e-mail with your letter of invitation (if you are not a EU- or visa-free country citizen)

Step #9

Apply for your one-entry student visa

Step #10

Send your coordinator the visa scan as soon as you receive it

Step #11

Wait for a pre-arrival e-mail with some tips and important information

Step #12

Wait for a last e-mail with the contact information of your tutor (meeting buddy), and contact them if he/she hasn’t done it yet.

Step #13

Enjoy your flight to our city and you unforgettable time with us