SPbPU dormitory administration accommodates Winter and Summer School students in one of the three best SPbPU dormitories.

  • Dormitory #8 blocks of rooms comprise 2 double/triple rooms with shared facilities: a bathroom and a toilet. Kitchen is located on each floor;
  • Dormitory #12 blocks of rooms 7 double/triple rooms with shared facilities: a kitchen, bathrooms and a toilet;
  • Dormitory modules A/C have separate double rooms with shared facilities on a floor: a kitchen, bathrooms and toilets.

Download the pictures of the dormitories rooms and facilities

The prices are the same in all of those dormitories as far as the facilities are on the same level and all the buildings have been renovated lately. The final accommodation fee will be calculated according to the number of nights and the room type (double/triple).

Unfortunately, single accommodation is not available.


    The final amount for the accommodation fee is calculated according to the following scheme:

    1. Bed in a double room:

    • - first 10 days: 640 Rub/day;
    • - starting from the 11th day: 320 Rub/day.

    2. Bed in a triple room:

    • - first 10 days: 480 Rub/day;
    • - starting from the 11th day: 240 Rub/day.

The invoice for accommodation payment is issued by the dormitory administration after the check-in and it should be paid at the university cashier desk by card or cash.

We cannot guarantee the accommodation availability for all the students, as far as the amount of places in the dormitories are limited. However, we'll try our best to offer the students other housing options: at the dormitories of our partner Universities in St. Petersburg or at the city hostels with a special discount.