Russian-Spanish Language School & Intercultural Communication (Polytech – University of Cádiz)

Summer School - Online
July 19 - July 30, 2021

The summer course will be held online.

Do you want to learn Spanish or Russian and to go deeper to Russian-Spanish relations and cultures? Do you want to become more effective in your relations with other nationalities? Are you interested in digital communications? Join our summer course!

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  • Brief description

    St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and University of Cádiz with their strongest language schools created a powerful course for all who wants to dive in Russian-Spanish world, to study Russian or Spanish language and to become more effective in cross-cultural communications.

    The purpose of the program is to provide students with opportunity on the direct cross-cultural dialogue and to help them establish great international relations in the future.

    Within two weeks of this Summer School in July international students and Russian students are going to master one level of Russian or Spanish language (by choice, A1-B1) and to practice it with native speakers during all the course time. Moreover, Summer School participants are going to broaden their knowledge of Russian-Spanish culture and history and to improve their skills in cross-cultural and digital communications.

    All online lectures and activities will be delivered synchronized as live talk with professors and group-mates. Records of classes will be available on SPbPU platform for 1 month after the course end.

Language: Russian and Spanish

Duration: 2 weeks

ECTS credits: 4.0

Participation fee: 270 Euro

Upon successful completion of the course students will receive hard copies of certificates with ECTS credits mailed by post.

  • Course program

    Russian or Spanish language classes: A1, A2, B1 (by choice)

    Professors of the University of Cádiz will teach Spanish language classes and professors of the Polytechnic University will teach Russian language classes. All professors are native speakers and have extensive experience working with international students.

    Within two weeks of the course you will get master one level of chosen language. For example, if you have a zero level of Russian or Spanish language skills, at the end of the course you will use it on a level A1.

    During language classes at level A1 students will learn alphabet, they will be taught to read, they will take part in dialogues using forms of language speech etiquette, etc.

    Language classes at levels A2 and B1 are intended for those who can already speak Russian or Spanish. The course aims to enhance language skills in real communication situations. Special attention will be paid to improving the skills of speaking and listening (depending on the level of language proficiency).

    Intercultural Communication lectures

    During these lectures, students will learn about the basics of establishing relations with other nationalities, as well as about effective conducting international projects and negotiations in various fields.

    Russian-Spanish relations lectures

    These lectures will be interesting for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of Russian-Spanish relations, the peculiarities of language and culture, and the specifics of building intercultural communication in the Russian-Spanish context.

    Digital Ethics and Digital Communication

    During these lectures, students will learn about the features of digital communication, gain skills of self-presentation in the digital world, discover what are the possibilities and limitations of the language of virtual correspondence, as well as about the emotional, psychological, administrative, and formal norms existing in the Internet.

  • Cultural program

    Online cultural program

    Socio-cultural program of extracurricular activities and networking events are included*:

    • - Online Interactive Campus Tour
    • - Online broadcasting of excursion to the Hermitage museum
    • - Online Pub Quiz

    *The program of cultural activities is approximate and can be changed.

Space Technologies
Space Technologies
Space Technologies

Deadline for registration: July 12, 2021


  • Entrance requirements
    • - Good command of Russian OR Spanish. All classes and extracurricular activities are carried out in Russian and Spanish. Knowledge of the English language is not required.
    • - Language proficiency test results. After registration you will receive the test to determine the level of proficiency of the language you want to learn during our Summer School. The groups will be formed based on the test results.


Program partners

University of Cádiz is a longtime SPbPU partner. Together our universities have implemented many successful projects like Russian-Spanish week of language and culture, Students Projects Marathon and others.


Program coordinator

Summer and Winter Schools Team