Cross-Cultural Communication and Research

Summer School - Online / Tailor-made
July 10 - July 21, 2023

International Polytechnic Summer School 2023 will be held in 2 available options:

Option 1 – online.

Option 2 – tailor-made. We may also arrange a tailor-made on-campus program for a group of minimum 10 students.

Would you like to learn more about specifics of cross-cultural communication? Then join this course!

  • Brief description

    If you are a student of international business with plans to work in global market, you may be especially concerned about you how to develop required soft skills for the application in international business. Thus, it is worth joining up -to-date discussions on how to better understand, manage and valorize cross-cultural diversity. That will be achieved by analysing the business world and its communication from a global rather than a national perspective.

    You might wonder if the course is right for you as you might not have been involved in international business yet. Let us assure you: the globalisation of markets will - sooner than later - require you to apply a global perspective to your business. Accordingly, you will find yourself in a situation that requires you to efficiently and appropriately interact with people from different cultures.

    The training course will be held in the format of scientific-practical discourse as close as possible to cross-cultural business communication and scientific research. Lectures, seminars and business games are to cover the most important and challenging issues of doing business across cultures; overviewing of concepts in cross-cultural communication; verbal and non-verbal communication; specifics of communication with mass media and B2G market. You will acquire the skills of working with information: setting the problem; formulating the goal and objectives; justification and selection of directions of search and retrieval of information for scientific research; acquire the skills and understanding of the various types of digital resources needed to conduct scientific research.

Online lectures will be delivered synchronized as live talk with professors and groupmates. Records of classes will be available on SPbPU platform for 1 month after the course end.

Duration: 2 weeks

ECTS credits: 4.0

Participation fee: 30 000 RUB

Upon successful completion of the course students will receive hard copies of certificates with ECTS credits (mailed by post in case of the online format of the Summer School).

Deadline for registration: June 28, 2023

  • Entrance requirements
    • • Good command of English. All classes and extracurricular activities are carried out in English. Knowledge of the Russian language is not required.
    • •Applicants are expected to have at least 2 years of University level studies.
  • Syllabus
    • • Basic concepts and definition of culture and communication. Doing Business Across Cultures. Workshop on win-win Negotiation - 1 ECTS Credit
    • • Effective Business Correspondence: Writing Business Letters, E-mails, Formal Business Reports and Proposals - 1 ECTS credit
    • • Communication with Mass Media. How to Create Effective Press Releases - 1 ECTS credit
    • • Scientific Research Fundamentals. Digital resources in scientific research - 1 ECTS credit
Professors and lecturers:
  • PhD Nelli Kozlova, Associate professor;
  • PhD Elena Korchagina, Professor;
  • PhD Natalya Krasnostavskaya, Associate professor;
  • PhD Alex Krasnov, Associate professor.


Program coordinators: